Numeric separator(_) was introduced to make numbers more readable by creating a visual separation between groups of digits. The separator can be used with decimal, binary, hexadecimal or BigInt numbers. This feature was introduced in ES12.

It is difficult for humans to read large numbers quickly. What about 1000000000? Is it a billion or 10 million?. Numeric separators make developers’ life easy.

const num = 1000_000_000; // Definitely a billion

Numeric separator is purely for visual separation. It does not have any impact in the functionality. In fact, comparing a number with separator and that without it, results in true.

Data Types refer to the ability of JavaScript to identify the type of a value. In JavaScript, a value falls under one of the following 8 types.

  1. Boolean
  2. null
  3. undefined
  4. Number
  5. BigInt
  6. String
  7. Symbol
  8. Object

From the list, first 7 types are called primitive data types. So, we can say in JavaScript all non-primitive values are objects.

Primitive Data Type

A primitive value is not an object and does not contain any methods. As discussed in the previous section, Boolean, null, undefined, Number, BigInt, String and Symbol are primitive data types in JavaScript.

Primitive values are immutable. That means a primitive value once…

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Variables are named memory locations. When we declare a variable in JavaScript, it means that a memory location is allocated to store some value and that location can be accessed using the variable name.

Here is an example of a variable declaration.

var name;

Here name is pointing towards some memory location in RAM. One of the ways to store some value to that memory location is by using the assignment operator(=).

name = "Backbencher";

Variable Declaration

In JavaScript, a variable can be declared using any one of the following keywords.

  1. var
  2. let
  3. const


var can declare either global scoped or function…

In a typical React project, we use Babel and Webpack. Babel is used to convert JSX and ES6 to pure ES5 code. Webpack is used as the bundler. It will be helpful if we have a code base to start with any React project. That is what we are trying to do.

Install Node.js and NPM

We need Node.js and NPM to download and install Node packages like React, Webpack and so on. We can download and install from their official site. When we install Node.js, automatically NPM is also installed.

We can also install Node.js using NVM. If we use NVM, it is…

Learning never ends. We are exploring JavaScript, React, Deno and other crazy stuff on web right now in

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